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The Studio opened in June 2014, and has since gained a loyal following and client base, with some clients travelling from as far as Canada. Tattoo Studio 149 is a family run and friendly studio that has gained recognition for their craft, being featured in Skin Deep Magazine. With only two artists, each with their own style, they make your appointment a personal experience. 

Having worked in commercial studios, Lisa decided to open her own unique space so that she could create a more personalised and one to one experience for her clients. Being able to create a relaxed environment, makes the experience of getting a new tattoo all the more enjoyable.  

Lisa and Cai enjoy producing tattoos that are one of a kind, and completely customised for each individual to suit their taste and personality, but they are also happy to work from reference images that are provided. 



Laser Removal

Our artists enjoy producing tattoos that are one of a kind, and completely customised for each individual to suit their taste and personality, but they are also happy to work from reference images that are provided. 

Our professional piercer can offer a range of piercing and jewellery to suit your style.  

Have a tattoo you regret?

Our professional laser tattoo removal expert uses FDA Approved laser equipment to reduce and remove any ink colour on all skin types.

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